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Facts about donors

* The number one reason donors say they give blood is because they "want to help others."
* Two most common reasons cited by people who donnot give blood are: "Never thought about it" and "I don not like needles."
* One donation can help save the lives of up to three people.
* If you began donating blood at age 17 and donated every 56 days until you reached 76, you would have donated 48 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 1,000 lives!
* Half of Red Cross donors male, and half are female.
* Among Red Cross donors in a given year, 19 percent donate occasionally, 31 percent are first-time donors, and 50 percent are regular, loyal donors.
* O-negative blood type donors are universal donors as their blood can be given to people of all blood types.
* Type O-negative blood is needed in emergencies before the patient"s blood type is known and with newborns who need blood.

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